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Black Holes, World’s Largest Plane, and LED POV Display

Maker Message Monday!

Here is your weekly dose of “Maker Message Monday”, a list of what we are enjoying or pondering as Makers!


Random Shower Thoughts

“If you had $1 for every year the universe has existed (approximately 13.8 billion years). You wouldn’t even make the top 50 on the Forbes list.”


Videos We Are Watching

How To Take A Picture Of A Blackhole

What is a black hole?

A Black hole is a cosmic trapdoor from which neither light nor matter can escape. A.K.A you can’t see it!

But that didn’t stop Katie Bouman and other scientists.

200 scientists from around the world were able to capture the first-ever image of a black hole with a telescope called “Event Horizon Telescope”.



“EHT” (Event Horizon Telescope) picks up radiation emitted by particles within the disc that are heated to billions of degrees as they swirl around the black hole at close to the speed of light, before vanishing down the plughole.

Watch as Katie Bouman explains this process in a TED talk she gave in 2017.




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Articles We Are Reading

Introducing The World’s Largest Plane

The six-engined mega jet with the wingspan of an American football field flew for the first time on Saturday April 6th.

The company responsible for this is called “Stratolaunch”.



The Stratolaunch is a giant flying launch pad, designed to send satellites into low Earth orbit. It aims to offer military, private companies, and even NASA itself a more economical way to get into space.

The aircraft’s wingspan measures 385 feet wider than any airplane on the planet. From the tip to tail, it’s 238 feet long. Weights about half a million pounds and is so big it has two cockpits.

Read the full article by CNN here.


Projects We Are Enjoying

LEV POV Display Using Arduino

Have you ever heard of an LED POV display?

POV is an acronym that stands for “persistence of vision”.

It is an optical illusion in which a visual image seems to persist even when the light from it ceases to enter our eyes.

You can display any text or image that you want to display in this project!


Read the full tutorial by theSTEMpedia on Instructables.


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