What is STEM Education? Homeschool Guide For Parents & Newbies!

So…. What Is STEM Education? If you read or watch the news, every once in awhile you hear about how American children are far behind other countries when it comes to math and science education. It’s not because these subjects are boring, it’s because American educators don’t know how to make these subjects fun for younger ages. That’s where you come in, Mom and Dad! You can make science and math fun. It’s important for your youngsters to have a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and math, collectively called STEM. The younger you pique their interests, the sooner your children’s minds turn to solving problems related to interacting with […]

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[Infographic] Most Common Advantages of a Homeschooled Child vs a Public School Student

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool: That is the Question…. Studies have shown that there is a difference between homeschooled children and children in the public school system. While homeschooling not only produces well-adjusted adults, it gives the parents a chance to spend more time with their children. There are plenty of benefits of homeschooling your child, and this infographic will delve into those benefits and trends. It’s not to say that homeschooling is for every child, but it has produced some amazing results. Take a look at the animated infographic to get some more information about the most common advantages of a homeschooled child versus a public school student. […]

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The BEST Holiday Gift Guide For Brilliant, Science-Minded Kids

The winter holiday gift-giving season is upon us… … and that means shopping for the kids. As a parent with curious children who like everything, you may not know what your kids want or need this year. There are so many gifts and so little time, how do you come up with gift ideas? This is especially true if you have a Maker in your life. You know, the child who likes to disassemble your toaster oven and put it back together again just to see how it works? That’s a Maker. Unfortunately, a Maker can be difficult to buy for because you don’t want to buy something that may […]

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5 Awesome Toys That Can Help Develop Children’s Critical Thinking

Every parent wants to give his or her children every advantage starting out in life. Experts agree that children benefit most from creative play with math and science in their earliest formative years. Providing your kids with toys, such as those found inside a Creation Crate, help promote critical thinking skills that are essential to helping them get a head start on their education and their future. Here are five toys specially designed to help your children develop critical thinking skills. Magna Tiles (The Valtech Company) http://www.magnatiles.com/ While these are a bit on the pricey side, Magna Tiles are worth every penny. These magnetic locking tiles let your kids build […]

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