Creation Crate Press Kit

The Mission

To modernize education through the use of technology.

How Did Creation Crate Start?

Creation Crate started with a realization that the education system is not keeping up with change. Governments are too slow to update school systems and parents don’t usually have the experience to teach concepts like electronics and programming.

The goal was to create a tech-ed subscription box that would allow people to learn hands-on programming from anywhere in the world. Allowing anyone from anywhere to create their own experience.

In 2016, Chris Gatbonton started Creation Crate on pre-orders alone. The community of makers came together and fulfilled the first order. That community shaped into nearly 3000 makers going through Creation Crate’s curriculum.


What is the curriculum?



The core principle of Creation Crate’s curriculum is “interactive learning”.

For 12 months, users learn how to build and program Arduino projects with step by step instructions.

Inside the crate, users find components, Uno R3 (Arduino-Compatible), and an instruction booklet.

Building on the previous month, projects and lessons become more complex.








Overview Of Our 12 Month Curriculum


Month 1 Mood Lamp

  • 1.1. Arduino IDE Setup
  • 1.2. Intro to Prototyping with a Breadboard (Fresh and Gluten Free)
  • 1.3. My First Sketch (No Pencil Necessary)
  • 1.4. Sine Waves and Algorithms, the sky’s the limit!

Month 2 Memory Game

  • 2.1. Using Multiple Inputs and Outputs (I/O, I/O, it’s off to code I go.)
  • 2.2. Randomizing Outputs
  • 2.3. Using Arrays
  • 2.4. Generating Sounds – Frequency Manipulation

Month 3 Distance Detector

  • 3.1. Detecting Variable Input Values
  • 3.2. Using the Serial Monitor (Has nothing to do with breakfast food)
  • 3.3. Inferring Hardware Configuration by Analyzing the Code

Month 4 LED Dice Game

  • 4.1. Level 2 Wiring
  • 4.2. Coding Challenge
  • 4.3. Using IF/ ELSE

Month 5 Optical Theremin

  • 5.1. Using a Potentiometer
  • 5.2. Using a Light Dependent Resistor (aka Photoresistor, not someone who hates getting their picture taken)

Month 6 2-Player Reflex Game

  • 6.1. Downloading Code
  • 6.2. Using a Floating Pin (Not a bowling pin)
  • 6.3. Using Pulldown and Pullup Resistors
  • 6.4. Level 2 Functions
  • 6.5. Using Numbers & Variables in Functions

Month 7 Weather Station

  • 7.1. Using Specialty Sensors/ Circuits
  • 7.2. #Using #Libraries (#aka. #Code #Repositories)
  • 7.3. Interpreting Inputs to Calculate Related Values

Month 8 Audio Visualizer

  • 8.1. Controlling an Array of LEDs
  • 8.2. Smart LEDs (aka Neopixels)
  • 8.3. Using the Interrupt Command

Month 9 Lock Box

  • 9.1. Adding an LCD Screen
  • 9.2. Using Boolean Values (Zero Shades of Gray.)
  • 9.3. Using a Matrix Keypad
  • 9.4. Level 2 Resistor Values

Month 10 Digital Multimeter

  • 10.1. Ohm’s Law (Voltages, and Resistance, and Currents, oh my!)
  • 10.2. Voltage Divider Circuits (Something you just can’t resist.)

Month 11 Handheld Balance

  • 11.1. Using and Accelerometer
  • 11.2. Coordinates and X / Y axes (No, were not chopping down trees)
  • 11.3. Using the “Get” Command
  • 11.4. Advanced: Change variables to increase difficulty.

Month 12 Strength Gauge

  • 12.1. Using a Strain Gauge
  • 12.2. Using an Amplifier Circuit
  • 12.3. Using a Servo Motor
  • Advanced: Keep track of the high score.


Research and Development

We’re currently working on bringing augmented reality to Creation Crate to stay on top of cutting edge technology. Here’s a preview of what we’re building: Click Here

Company Facts

  • 3000+ Subscribers
  • Started January 2016
  • Languages – English/French
  • Based in Toronto, Canada


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