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Top 5 Awesome, Cheap, & Easy DIY Robots You Can Build in Your Own Home


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Robots are AWESOME!

But building a robot is tough when you don’t have an engineering background and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, right?


Thanks to some fantastic guides on the web, now you can build a DIY robot for cheap in the comfort of your own home.

Even though it might seem daunting, with the help of these guides and just a few hours of free time you too can build your own robots with ease.

We’ve collected the 5 cheapest and easiest DIY robot guides on the internet so that you can start building your robots ASAP!


So without further ado:

Let’s get into the guides!


5.  Vibrating SolarBug

PC: BrownDogGadgets

Cost: $5-$10

Time: Just 30 minutes


Originally shared by BrownDogGadgets on Instructables, these adorable solar powered mini-bots will vibrate whenever they are exposed to a sufficiently bright light source (e.g., The sun, halogen light, etc.).

The vibrations they create are so strong that they will propel themselves in random directions, so you can watch them shimmy across surfaces with ease.

These bugs are the perfect starter’s robot!

Additional Video Build Guide!


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4. Pocket Drunken Robot

PC: Grathio on Instructables

Cost: $5-$10

Time: ~ 1 hour


Similar to the Vibrating SolarBug the “Pocket Drunken Robot” uses a basic vibrational motor to move itself around the house.

Build a few of these and watch as they ‘drunkenly’ stumble through your house in search of good times and more friends.





Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.23.04 PM

3. Universal Robot Gripper

PC: Jason Poel Smith on Makezine

Cost: $20

Time: ~ 1 hour


This DIY project is an extremely simple and fun one that uses basic household items to create  a robotic gripping machine.

The grip is very versatile and can be used to hold just about anything that fits.

This is another excellent starting project for aspiring roboticists, as this part can be used as a component in a larger more sophisticated robot.

Here is everything you need to know.


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2. Blinky the LED Pet

PC: Ynze on Instructables

Cost:: $20

Time: ~ 3 hours


This robot is the perfect pet!

It uses an interesting mechanic to shine LED lights whenever it is touched, so to work at full effectiveness it needs a helping hand!

This is one of the more complicated projects on the list but it is still one of the easiest robots you can build, instructions are right here.




1. Cute Walking Robot

PC: Randofo on Instructables

Cost: $40-$50

Time: 3-5 hours


The biggest and fastest robot here, and definitely one of the more challenging ones, the “Cute Walking Robot” is one of’s most popular robot projects.

This is likely the simplest “walking robot” you can build but it is still extremely effective.

This robot has an easy to follow build guide and a great weekend project for anyone driven enough!


Even for the less technically talented these guides will help you build the robots you’ve always wanted to build.


Whether you are looking to begin a career, help someone expand their horizons, or just kill some time on the weekends, these robot projects are the perfect fit!

And hey, if you get through these just think about what else could be possible…

In no-time you could be building amazing things!

Everything starts with a small step, and even though it might not look easy, once you get your foot in the door, you will be amazed by what you can do!

The best way for you to dip your toe in the water and improve your “Maker” skills is by signing up for Creation Crate monthly box service where we send you a fun & cool creation for you to learn and build every month.

Again thanks a ton and godspeed in your journey into the wonderful world of robotics!