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Sleep Engineers, the IOT Cloud, and Arduino Powered Eyewear

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Videos We Are Watching

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

These “microdreams” have puzzled scientists for centuries… until now.

Researchers at MIT are trying to build a process where they create an interface for dreams and are calling it Dormio.

The device is designed to influence and extend the semi-lucid sleep state called hypnagogia (sleep state before you completely fall asleep).

Scientist like Edison would take naps while holding a steel ball in their hands-which would fall as soon as they left their hypnagogia phase. This ball would wake them up with a fresh memory of their lucid dream.

Dormio is a device that lengthens, influence, and records the “microdreams” we all experience in this state.


So how does it work?

“Using an electronic glove that contains sensors to monitor muscle tone, heart rate, and skin conductance, it monitors when you enter hypnagogia and when you’re falling into real sleep. At that point, Dormio gently nudges you with an audio cue emitted from either the team’s smartphone app, or a nearby Jibo robot with a cue word. The researchers used “fork” or “rabbit,” but it can be any word. The subtle noise is meant to bring you back into hypnagogia without completely waking you up, and in fact, the team found that the chosen word often gets conceptually incorporated into the user’s lucid dreams. Meanwhile, the app or bot will start a conversation with the semi-conscious sleeper, recording anything you say. Once the interaction is over, Dormio lets users fade out into slumberland again, repeating the process to “incept” their dreams and record dream reports.”

Check out the full article by Jesus Diaz here or watch the video by Seeker below!




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Articles We Are Reading

The cloud continues to take over!

Arduino IOT Cloud has been introduced to the world as an easy to use Internet of Things application platform.

Users can develop and manage IOT in a simple manner now.

“With the launch of the Arduino IoT Cloud, Arduino now provides its millions of users with a complete end-to-end approach to IoT that includes hardware, firmware, cloud services, and knowledge,” says Arduino CIO Luca Cipriani .

The Arduino IOT Cloud will generate a sketch when setting up something new.

Read the full article about the new Arduino IOT Cloud here. 


Projects We Are Enjoying

Every day people around the world are operating machine powered tools without using protective eyewear.

Imagine if you magically had a pair of glasses every time you were about to use a power tool?

That is why gocivici created something called “Eye Guardian”, an Arduino powered, high-decibel continuous sound triggered eye protection wear.

“It detects heavy equipment sound and lowers protective eye goggles while the equipment is in use.


See the full tutorial here on gocivici’s Instructable.


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