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Backyard Rollercoasters, The Science Behind Hobbies, and DIY Heated Boots!

Maker Message Monday!

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of “Maker Message Monday”, a list of what we are enjoying or pondering as Makers!

Random Shower Thoughts

If you spin a ball as you drop it, it flies.


Videos We Are Watching

“A lot of people would put a swiming pool in a yard like this. I didn’t want that. I didn’t think it would be particularly engaging. I didn’t think my kid’s would learn a whole lot from that and look I have a rollercoaster now.”

Will Pemble is an engineer/carpenter/coolest dad ever.

Will has built 5 roller coasters in total.

Wired talks to Will about his inspiration, process, and plans for the future.

WARNING after watching this video you may be tempted to build your own rollercoaster.




Maker Message Monday


Articles We Are Reading

Do you make time for hobbies in your life?

When you make time for a hobby, you gain skills that lead to success.

Kevin Eschleman, a Psychology professor at San Francisco State University says that engaged people in extracurricular hobbies are able to improve their work performance between 15 and 30%.

No matter what hobby you choose, you can be sure to improve your

  • Creativity
  • Perspective
  • Confidence

Learn more about tips on productivity and handling stress by reading the full article from the Harvard Business Review.


Projects We Are Enjoying

When the weather in Chicago can get colder than parts of the artic, it may be time to get heated boots.

Do shoe brands even make heated boots?

Chances are you probably will have to pay an arm and a leg to find a decent one.

Why not just turn the boot you are wearing right now into a heated boot?

In this week’s project, learn how to create your very own Heated Boots using a few easy to source materials!

Read the full tutorial here.


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