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Mars, Solar Trackers, and Engineer Money


Maker Message Monday – January 7th 2019

Here is your weekly dose of “Maker Message Monday,” a list of what we are enjoying or pondering as Makers!


Random Shower Thoughts


Videos We Are Watching

Would you move to Mars if you had the chance?

“70% chance I will get to Mars in my lifetime”. – Elon Musk


We understand why you would love Earth and not want to launch yourself at 17,000+ MPH into space.

But there are people TODAY that are preparing for that first mission to Mars!

HI-SEAS is a fake interplanetary habitat located on an active volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island.

The University of Hawaii has been operating simulated Martian missions inside the habitat since 2013.

These missions would involve people re-creating conditions like food preservation, delayed radio communication, and more.

Watch The Verge go to HI-SEAS to check out what it takes to survive and thrive on a world like Mars.




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Articles We Are Reading

Word on the street is that Engineering is a great career and BIG money… but how much money are we talking?


With the help of Business Insider’s Andy Kiersz and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we learned that Architectural and engineering managers had a median salary of $137,720 in 2017!

Now we are talking!

Want to learn what the 18 other types of Engineers earned?

Check out Andy’s article here!


Projects We Are Enjoying

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we are talking about GreatScott again. He is only one of our FAVORITE makers on Youtube right now.

If you live with Patrick under a rock you may not have heard of GreatScott


but he is a Youtuber that makes things we all only aspire to make one day.

However, today is that day!

GreatScott delivers us a great Instructable on how you can create your very own Solar Tracker.

In this video, see step by step how to make a solar tracker that follows the movement of the sun throughout the day.

This is great because you will learn how to harvest energy and the different ways in which you improve your Solar Tracker.



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