5 Awesome Toys That Can Help Develop Children’s Critical Thinking

Every parent wants to give his or her children every advantage starting out in life.

Experts agree that children benefit most from creative play with math and science in their earliest formative years.

Providing your kids with toys, such as those found inside a Creation Crate, help promote critical thinking skills that are essential to helping them get a head start on their education and their future.

Here are five toys specially designed to help your children develop critical thinking skills.



Magna Tiles (The Valtech Company)

While these are a bit on the pricey side, Magna Tiles are worth every penny.

These magnetic locking tiles let your kids build towers, bridges, tunnels and every other structure their imagination can dream up.

They also integrate wonderfully with other building toy sets, such as Legos, giving them even more possibilities for creation.

Your kids will construct the next Eiffel Tower in no time!


SnapCircuits (Elenco)

A brilliantly simple way of letting your kids discover how circuitry and electrical currents work, SnapCircuits come in sets in much the same way you got a chemistry set when you were a youngster.

SnapCircuits are a fun and easy method for teaching the basics of conductors, switches, resistors, capacitors and other simple functions of electrical circuitry.

They are also very reasonably priced and expandable with multiple kits and modules to help your kids continue to pursue learning about circuits if this kit sparks their interest.

Before you know it, your kids might figure out how to rewire the doorbell so it controls the television.



Qwirkle (Mindware)

A combination of dominoes and Scrabble, Qwirkle is a fast-paced and exciting board game that teaches pattern recognition and develops spatial skills.

Better still, it encourages discovery learning in a highly social way by allowing your kids to develop multiple skillsets at the same time.

The idea of the game is to score a Qwirkle, which means your create a line of six tiles in a row either of the same color or the same shape in six different colors.

You don’t have to yell “Qwirkle” when that happens, although that does make the game more fun.


Tot-Tube Playset (Inspiration Play)

If your kid loves to play with toy cars while building race tracks and obstacle course for them, Tot-Tube Playset is one of the simplest and best toys to encourage critical thinking skills.

Essentially, this is a long durable tube for launching cars at an incline, shooting them out of the lower end at top speed.

If your toddler loves cars and making “vroooom vroooom” noises, this toy is your next birthday present idea.


Castle Logix (SmartGames)

Who doesn’t love castles?

This creative puzzle game allows your kids to build numerous different 3-D castles with large colorful blocks.

The included booklet has dozens of building challenges that will hold the interest of learners young and old for hours on end as they try to engineer structures according to images and puzzle challenges.

Better yet, have your child dress up as a hungry dragon, dashing knight or queenly regent to oversee the castle’s operations.

The possibilities for imagination are endless!


What is more impactful on a child’s critical thinking then building robotics?

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